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August 2012 ChrisColeman
Chris Coleman

A Word From the BBB Operations Department

When one of our operations staff tells someone that they work for the Better Business Bureau, the first thing generally heard is "Wow... so what do you do?" Telling someone you work in the Operations department is like telling someone you're a doctor, but instead of getting "So... I've had this weird pain..." you get "So there's this one company..." Of course, we are always happy to answer any questions.

Presidents Message:

It is an important time at the BBB; we are working diligently to make sure your Accreditation has maximum value and that our mission of advancing trust by promoting an ethical marketplace where buyers and sellers can trust each other, has real depth and meaning.

When your organization initially became Accredited by the BBB you agreed to the BBB Code of Business Practices and our Accreditation Standards. The BBB is vigilant that all of our Accredited Businesses meet AND maintain membership standards. We are initiating phone calls to all of our AB's and we will be reviewing websites, updating information and checking for proper BBB online BBB logo use, which we want you to use as it is a great benefit because it includes a clickable image linking straight to your BBB Reliability Report – so people quickly see your BBB Accreditation, high ranking and proven track record. If your BBB seal is not being fully utilized we will work with you to maximize this member benefit. Please take the time to speak to the BBB representative when they call so that we may help you make the most of your BBB Accreditation.

Scam Alert:
Thousands Fall Prey to Federal Assistance Ploy

A new scam suggests the federal government will help pay your electric bill to help curb the high utility costs many Americans are incurring this time of year. But instead of financial relief, victims could be left with a stolen identity and an empty wallet.

So far the scam has been reported in various forms across the country. Scammers show up at homes, call, text or even contact their victims through social media convincing them that a new federal assistance program is available that will pay up to $1,000 on their utility or credit card bills. In some instances victims are given phony bank account and routing numbers to use when paying their bills online, but only after "registering" their Social Security numbers and other personal information. Some victims have been instructed to enter the red digit number from the back of their Social Security card as their account number. In any event, consumers are led to believe that their bills have been paid when entering the information, when in fact they have not.

BBB Offers Tips for Coupon Use

A tried and true way to save money in a tough economy is coupons. However, because of the Internet, a savvy consumer no longer has to wield a pair of scissors in order to reap rewards. With the popularity of online coupons on the rise, the Better Business Bureau (BBB) offers advice for identifying deals and avoiding deceptive offers.

New Members


BBB Sponsors "BBB Benefits 101" Events

Cedar Rapids: On September 11, 2012, noon at the Cedar Rapids Metro Economic Alliance Building 501 1st Street S.E, Cedar Rapids, IA, the Better Business Bureau's Barbara Green Community Relations Representative and Chris Coleman are offering a program and complimentary lunch for area Accredited Businesses.

Mason City: On September 14, 2012, 11:45 a.m. at the Mason City Library, 225 2nd Ave S. E. Mason City IA, the Better Business Bureau will provide a free lunch and program featuring a presentation by Chris Coleman for our Accredited Businesses in North Central Iowa.



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