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AUGUST 2010 ChrisColeman
Chris Coleman

Three Easy Steps to Dispose of
Office Electronics Safely

Disposing of outdated office computers, printers and copiers the right way is not only important for protecting the environment, it also staves off the efforts of data thieves. Better Business Bureau explains the three steps necessary for business owners to dispose of old office equipment safely and securely.

President's Column: BBB Websites Ranked Amongst ESPN, iTunes and American Idol!

What do American Idol, Craigslist, ESPN, iTunes and MSN have in common with the BBB? They are some of the websites with a Google PageRank of 8 out of 10!

That is some bragging right for sure – but is it more than that? I want you to understand the positive benefit that everyone associated with the BBB receives from our outstanding website and web presence. This ranking is great for you as a BBB Accredited Business. I mean "great" as in money!

BBB Alert: BBB Warns Against Scams Targeting Senior Citizens

Fraud targeting senior citizens is a growing concern as millions have fallen victim to scammers. The Better Business Bureau encourages families to keep the lines of communication open with their elders regarding finances and to recognize some common cons targeting senior citizens.

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BBB Letter Grades Help Consumers Find Businesses to Trust

The BBB's letter grade rating system for businesses nationwide has been a big hit with the public since it was launched early last year. The system assigns letter grades from A+ to F for each business based upon 17 variables, using objective information about a business and statistics relating to the business's behavior and configuration. The variables and the algorithm used to calculate grades are the same for all BBBs. Previously, the BBB had rated businesses only as "Satisfactory" or Unsatisfactory." Consumers and businesses have told the BBB staff that they find the reports informative and useful as they make buying decisions.

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