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Ad Reviews

Advertising Review promotes truth in advertising to enhance consumer confidence in businesses that advertise. Following are cases that represent recent advertising review matters your BBB pursued. Challenges made by the BBB, using the BBB Code of Advertising, result from information given by consumers, competitors and through the BBB's own monitoring efforts. The fact that a particular business responds to a BBB challenge is a compliment to their willingness to cooperate with the BBB's self-regulatory process and not to be taken as an admission of impropriety on any advertiser's part. We would be happy to review your ad. Call the BBB at 515-243-5027 or 1-800-222-1600 for this service.

H B Leiserowitz Company, Des Moines, IA
Challenge: "SAVE up to $50 / Powershot Instant Rebate."
Response: Company failed to respond to the BBB to date.

The Cabinet Factory, Denison, IA
Challenge: "Nobody Beats Our Prices…"
Response: Company discontinued the ad.

Brodkey's Fine Jewelry, West Des Moines, IA
Challenge: "SAVE up to 75% off."
Response: Company agreed to modify future ads.

Fudge Town Interiors, Corning, IA
Challenge: "The Best Installers Around."
Response: The company substantiated the claim.

Aspen Athletic Club, Clive, IA
Challenge: "No Dues til 2010."
Response: Company did not substantiate their claim.